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In Person 

How to Get Started

Are you in need of your medical marijuana certification?

To start, we need you to choose one of the two ways by which you would like to get certified. Learn about what they offer:

Telemedicine: This process allows you to get certified by a relief clinic provider through your mobile device or computer.

In-Person: You'll see and consult a relief clinic provider directly.

Confused with which process you should go with? We can help. Call Relief Clinic LLC today. We offer FREE consultations!

The Process

Make an Appointment at 1 of our 3 locations in Auburn, ME, Summerfield, FL and Gainesville, FL. (ME Patients | FL Patients). Florida patients get re-certified every 6 months, and pay $75.00 to the State. Maine patients get re-certified yearly.

What to Bring

State of MAINE: Bring ME State ID, or driver's license, and medical records if possible, but not required.

State of FLORIDA: Bring FL State ID or driver's license, medical records (required), and proof of residence (if seasonal) such as a utility bill, lease, or bank statement.

How to Prepare

Ask your provider for your medical records, as they ARE required in the State of Florida. They are NOT required in the State of Maine. See all qualifying medical conditions for both States provided in the links found below:

Click Here for Florida Qualifying Conditions | Click Here for Maine Qualifying Conditions