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Insomnia services offered in Summerfield, FL and Auburn, ME

Around 70 million Americans experience sleep problems such as insomnia. If you’re tired of tossing, turning, and constantly feeling tired, you could be a good candidate for medical marijuana at Relief Clinic in Auburn, Maine, and Summerfield, Florida. Find out how you can get a medical marijuana card for your insomnia by calling the office in your area or clicking the online scheduler now.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder associated with any or all of the following issues:


  • Falling asleep at night
  • Staying asleep (frequently awakening throughout the night)
  • Waking up too early 


When you have insomnia, it’s common to feel tired and run down all the time. It can be a very frustrating disorder because it often persists despite your best efforts to improve your sleep habits.

How is insomnia diagnosed?

Insomnia diagnosis involves a complete physical exam, a medical history review, and a discussion about your symptoms. The team will ask for details about your sleep habits and how those habits have changed over time. 


They’ll ask how insomnia affects your life (for example, daytime drowsiness, difficulty focusing at work, and other adverse effects). You’ll also discuss all the treatments and lifestyle changes you’ve tried in the past. 

Does insomnia qualify me for medical marijuana?

Insomnia may qualify you for medical marijuana if a qualifying condition causes it. Both Florida and Maine (the two states where Relief Clinic sees patients) allow medical marijuana use by people who struggle with the types of conditions that often cause insomnia. 


Many chronic conditions, both physical and mental, may cause insomnia. So, just because insomnia isn’t explicitly listed on an approved conditions list doesn’t mean it’s not a valid problem worthy of treatmentand you may qualify. 


For example, if you have chronic treatment-resistant pain that causes insomnia, such as peripheral neuropathy, you may qualify for medical marijuana. The Relief Clinic team can get to the bottom of your insomnia, providing you with an accurate diagnosis so you can take the next step in getting the treatment you need.

How does medical marijuana help with insomnia?

Medical marijuana can promote better sleep because the cannabinoids in marijuana attach to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. As they do so, they trigger your brain to make adenosine, which brings on drowsiness and reduces arousal reactions. Ultimately, marijuana may change the way you sleep for long-lasting benefits. 


To find out what caused your insomnia and whether you may qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida or Maine, call the office nearest to you or use the online scheduler to book your evaluation today.